• Based in Singapore. Writes everywhere.

    I’ve always loved words and telling stories. I'm also obsessed with everything digital and tech (impossible not to be here). Hence combining both to create digital products will be the best option,

  • Advantages

    Benefits for you as an eBook writer


    Writing an eBook is relatively cheap. Unlike authoring a book, you don’t need to spend thousands or ten of thousands for printing, engaging copywriter, Creative designer and publishing.


    Your cost is almost zero.


    Be an “Expert”

    When you write a book or ebook, automatically you become an “expert” on that subject. We have been programmed to associate writers as expert.


    Every brand and company is different but not everyone can simply convey that. You can use ebook storytelling techniques to convey your unique selling point to customers and clients.

    Easy and Simple

    Cut -Copy-Paste (CCP).  


    No need to have writing skills

    No need to be creative in design

    Note :. Do not copy wholesale from books and other sources to prevent copyrighting issues.  The rule is never copy more than 10%.  

    You can also write to the authors to ask for permission to use the articles with agreement to accredit them.  Most authors will agree because they want the publicity.

    Enhanced your business

    Write eBooks to attract new customers. How?


    Let's say you run a shoe shop in one of the shopping mall. You write an ebook on what shoe to use for what purpose based upon your experience and from the catalog you have.


    Then at end of the eBook, include the following sentence :


    Those who download this free eBook will be entitled to 30% (or whatever discount you want) for this model ABC (which you want to clear stock).


    Do the following if you want to use eBooks for your business:



    1. Install Telegram on your mobile (android and iPhone)


    2. Use mobile to visit https://telegram.me/PartnerBookStoreBot?start=EBS292099698

    to join eVenchise as free or paid member.


    3. Once you have signed up, sms me at +65 96583822 with the following text:


    eVenchise - YourName - Email



    eVenchise - Tan Kok Kee - kokkee@gmail.com




    Creating Legacies

    Create legacies for your loved ones. How?


    Many people think that legacies are houses, businesses and bank accounts one left behind for the families.


    eBooks are digital legacies which one can leave behind for the families.


    Cheap and easy to build. How much you want your family to receive depends on how many eBooks you have written.


    For example, if you plan to have your family receiving $5000 monthly, then write 5 eBooks. If each can give you $1000 each, you’d get $5000!



    Join us Free

    Steps to take to get a free eVenchise eBook account.


    1. Get a Free account


    Join me in the Ecommerce and Mcommerce Revolution. Own a Digital BookStore c/w Quality EBooks.


    Registration Steps

    1. Click below URL Link

    2. Click START


    4. Click SHARE or OK

    5. DONE


    Telegram Referral Link:



    Required Installation of Telegram Messenger from Apps Store.


    Then SMS me at
    +65 96583822
    to share with you how to promote and write eBooks for profits.


    2. Explore the telegram chat group by familiarising with the Menus.


    3. Decide whether to become paid member or not. Starts from USD 75 from basic to venchise depending on you preference. Paid members have many more benefits than Free members.


    Register as part of my team enable you to access my eBooks portal where you get resources and free training. But you need to SMS me first to be eligible.


    eBook seminar in KL

    only SGD 24. RM 72

    Date : 30 August 2019 4.pm


    Venue; A boutique hotel in Bukit Bintang. Actual hotel to be advised


    Registration Steps

    1. WhatsApp me @ +65 96583822 with KL eBook, your name, email and number of pax. Example :


    KL eBook, John Poh, poh@gmail.com, 3


    2. WhatsApp me the names of the pax, their mobiles and their emails.


    3. We’d issue you a bill for payment by bank transfer, cash and PayPal billing. Pay by 19 August 2019.


    3. We can book hotel for you with additional SGD 55 per pax per night.


    5. If you bring pax, you get discount 10% for yourself and for your pax.




  • My work

    Companies/Organisation I currently worked with include:

    Principal Consultant

    Bema Seat Management Services

    SMEs consultant for corporate loans and finance, cash flow management, management services, bank instruments, etc




    Singapore Training Network

    Trainers and Coach Hub

    If you are trainers or coaches of good calibre, please do contact us. We are always looking out for good trainers and coaches.


    Currently, we have coaches and trainers who are into NLP, Data Mining, Affiliate Marketing, eBooks, eCommerce and WeChat.


    If you want to explore how we can collaborate, please visit us at



  • Trading Activities

    Companies/Organisation I currently worked with include:

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Bookkeeping and Forex

    Contact me learn more!

    Commodities Trading

    Gold, silver, precious stones, agriculture

    For trading deals, please go to



    P.S. Brokers in long food chain are not welcomed. We want only end buyer/seller and mandate. We don't need expertise advices and deals from brokers.

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